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Installation and updates

Installation and updates


Installation and Updates

Please install your the package you purchased with the help of the installation file. The installation file can be found on our download server. A current link has been sent to IT purchasers of the organisation.

Should the Packet-Installer and Adobe-Cloud-Installer block each other during the installation, you can close the Packet-Installer.

Currently, the following licenses are available in the Software-Shop:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Named User License (NUL)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Pro Named User License (NUL)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Pro Shared Device License (SDL)

Please be aware to use the SDL installation file only on the computers which you have purchased a SDL for.

At the moment, two different packages are offered for the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Lizenzen (NUL, SDL). You can download packages with or without Self-Service from our download server.

In case of packages with Self-Service, the users can install required applications via Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App at a later point of time. It is also possible for the users to install updates by themselves. (Alternatively, the updates can be installed via the Adobe Remote Update Manager.)

These functions are disabled in case of the package without Self-Service. All licensed Adobe applications are installed automatically. The update management is realised with the help of the Remote Update Manager only.

You will find further information concerning the Remote Update Manager on the official Adobe websites.

last changed on 02/08/2023

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