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Ansys License

Ansys License


License Server

The Ansys licenses are stored on two license servers. On one the Ansys Academic Research licenses can be found, on the other the Ansys Academic Teaching licenses.

The teaching licenses are available, free of charge, for students on the RWTH High Performance Computing cluster.
The research licenses can be purchased by institutes of RWTH Aachen University in the Software-Shop.

The access to the Ansys Research licenses is restricted to IP adress ranges on the license server and on user identifications on the RWTH High Performance Computing cluster. If you have not done so yet please send these after the purchase of the software with your order confirmation to the IT-ServiceDesk.

Please note that you will, in addition to the installation of Ansys, have to install a local license server. It makes sure that your computer's IP address is transferred correctly to the license server and thereby facilitates the unlocking of licenses via IP ranges.


License Terms

ANSYS Teaching Licenses

Education of students (Bachelor, Master). But these licenses are subject to some constraints (node and element limitations). The exact range of functions can be viewed in the following document for Ansys Academic Teaching Advanced. The teaching licenses are to be used exclusively for the education of students.

ANSYS Research Licenses

Education of doctorates. Use in project that are publicly funded and published. There are no restrictions concerning the features for research licenses.

Research licenses cannot be used in projects that are funded / financed by industrial partners.

The current terms of use can be found here:

last changed on 04/28/2023

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