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MATLAB Support

MATLAB Support


The IT-ServiceDesk is in charge of technical support (installation, availability, current versions).

Users of the MathWorks product line can also get technical support via the webportal "My Service Requests" ( or via phone (089/45235-6700 Option 4).

Error reports or problems with unexpected behavior should be documented in an e-mail, while general questions with regard to the solution of a task can be answered on the phone. Even though The MathWorks, with about 100 employees in Germany (Aachen, München, Stuttgart), has proven expertise in most of the ca. 85 products, it might be that some complex problems have to be discussed with experts from other countries or developers in the USA

An english request is helpful for the following products: Real-Time Workshop and Targets, MATLAB Compiler or builder programs based on this, as well as the very specific product from the "sim" line (SimPowerSystems etc.).

Please make sure to provide the supporting engineers with information about your version of MATLAB, operating system and license number by adding the output of the MATLAB commando "ver" to your request. Depending on your question it might as well be necessary to add reproducible code, models or screenshots.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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