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How do I get a commercial licence?

How do I get a commercial licence?


In order to get a commercial license, you need to create a user account first and then link your user account to the Campus license


Creating a user account

To be able to use the commercial licence of the RWTH, you first have to create an account on SoSci Survey. To do so, please go to the page and click "Create New Account" top right.

Read the conditions and enter your chosen e-mail address. Continue by clicking "Continue".

Please enter your personal data truthfully; the username is arbitrary. Click "OK".

Check your information and confirm them by clicking "Transmit Binding Registration Request".

To complete your registration, please enter the confirmation code, which you received in a confirmation e-mail, and click "OK".

Your registration is now successfully completed!

Linking the account to the Campus licence

At first, you have to order the product SoSci Survey via the Software-Shop. In the order confirmation, which will be sent to you by e-mail, you will get access (URL) to the download server.

To connect your account with the commercial licence of the RWTH, you now have to click the link from the ITC_Readme.txt, which you can find on the download server.

The registration of Shibboleth, which you already know, will pop up. Login with your username (format: ab123456) and your password.

Please accept the transmission of the listed information.

After the connection via Shibboleth, you will be forwarded to SoSci Survey and can select the Campus licence of the RWTH Aachen. To do so, please click "Apply".

The commercial licence is now associated with your account.

To use the commercial licence, please select the "Pro-Server". How to create a new survey project is described here.

Renewing the licence

SoSci Survey licenes are active for three months. You can renew the licenses one month before expiration at the earliest. To do so please repeat the steps of linking the account to the Campus license.

You can check the lifetime of the licenses in SoSci Survey shop  → Show active licenses.


last changed on 05/20/2021

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