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Getting Started

Getting Started

This step-by-step guide will get you started to perform your first dummy computation. You will need an RWTH Account, an HPC Account and a recommended VPN Account.

  1. Learn about Linux in HPC
  2. Get an RWTH Account with IDM:
    • RWTH members already have an RWTH Account
    • Externals can also get access:
      • Apply for a Computation project. You will eventually receive an RWTH Account
      • Get Partnered by an RWTH Member to get an Account
  3. Get an HPC Account with RegApp:
  4. Get a VPN Account:
    • The VPN Account might already exist
    • Add a VPN Account
    • Set a password (and 2FA for the VPN Account if required)
    • Download Cisco AnyConnect Windows, Mac, Linux
  5. Login to the HPC System:
    • Connect to the RWTH Network
      • Confirm if your institution can already reach the RWTH Network.
        • Connect to your institutions VPN if necessary.
        • Type on a console  ping 
          • See if there was a  Reply ... 
      • Connect to the RWTH VPN if necessary. 
        • Server:
        • Tunnel: Full tunnel (all traffic via RWTH network) or split tunnel (only RWTH internal addresses are accessed via VPN)
        • VPN-Username: ab123456 as seen on your VPN Account
        • VPN-Password: XXXXXXX as chosen for your VPN Account
    • Connect to any login node:
      • Open a console or the SSH client:
        • Type:  ssh -l   ab123456  
        • SSH-Username: ab123456 as seen on your HPC Account
        • SSH-Password: XXXXXXX as chosen for your HPC Account
      • Or connect with a Graphical Interface using FastX to any X node:
        • Download FastX3
        • Connect to
        • Username: ab123456 as seen on your HPC Account
        • Password: XXXXXXX as chosen for your HPC Account
  6. Start a short interactive test job:
    • Open a terminal | command prompt if using FastX:
      • Right click: Terminal Hier öffnen | Open Here
    • Start a 25 minute job with 2 cpus on the devel partition:
      • Type:  salloc -p devel -n 2 -t 25  
    • Wait for the job to start. You will be redirected to a compute node
    • Type command hostname 
      • See Output or similar
    • NOTE! We use ZSH instead of bash by default!
    • Use the module system to load pre-installed efficient software
    • Run a small test computation
    • Exit the node and relinquish the allocated job:
      • Type:   exit 
  7. Create batch jobs to run computations on the HPC system.

Please send us some feedback on how to improve this quick start Guide! 

last changed on 07/04/2024

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