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Queue Partitions

Queue Partitions


The CLAIX hardware is organized in the batch system as queues or partitions of nodes. Each partition consists of a collection of node types with similar specifications.

The following table shows how the various node types are organized in partitions that can be selected within Slurm.


  • p.N. - per Node
  • all CPU Codename are meant to be 'Intel', if not anything to the contrary
  • Value '#Cores per Node' mean the physical cores (not Hyperthreading 'CPUs' reported in the OS system). By default the HyperThreading is OFF on our nodes; for those few with HT=ON remarks are posted here.
Slurm informationNode informationCluster information
Node TypePartitionFeaturesmax recomm. memory per node [MB]default memory per task [MB]Hardware Node TypeCPU CodenameCPU ModelClock Speed [GHz]#Nodes#Sockets per Node#Cores per Socket#Cores per NodeMemory per Node [GB]SSD/
size [GB]
Sum SocketsSum CoresSum Memory [GB]Beginning of operation
ncmc18mskylake, skx8160, hpcwork187.2003.900Intel HNS2600BPBSkylakePlatinum 81602.11.0322 (Stern)24 (Stern)


1924802.06449.536198.144December 2018
nrmc18mskylake, skx8160, hpcwork187.2003.900Intel HNS2600BPBSkylakePlatinum 81602.12112 (Stern)24 (Stern)4819248042210.12840.512February 2019
ncgc18gskylake, skx8160, hpcwork187.2003.900

Supermicro 1029GQ-TVRT-01
2 x Tesla V100

SkylakePlatinum 81602.1482 (Stern)24 (Stern)48192480962.3049.216March 2019
nrgc18gskylake, skx8160, hpcwork187.2003.900

Supermicro 1029GQ-TVRT-01
2 x Tesla V100

SkylakePlatinum 81602.16(Stern)24 (Stern)48192480122881.152March 2019

(Stern) SubNUMAClustering enabled for Skylake CPUs, which means, there exist 4 NUMA nodes with 12 cores each. Slurm interpretes these NUMA nodes as sockets, therefore these nodes have 4 sockets and 12 cores per socket.

Further systems are integrated into the RWTH High Performance Computing through the Integrative hosting service.

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