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General Information about HPC JupyterHub

General Information about HPC JupyterHub



Please note

This page describes how the HPC JupyterHub uses the compute hardware of the RWTH High Performance Computing for research and interactive HPC.

If you need to use Jupyter for teaching courses or labs, consider the RWTHJupyter instead.

With the RWTHJupyter service, the IT Center provides all teachers and students at RWTH with a central JupyterHub / Jupyter Notebooks infrastructure for teaching.

The HPC JupyterHub service at the ITC from the RWTH allows all users of the RWTH High Performance Computing to utilize the existing compute hardware interactively using Jupyter Notebooks through the JupyterLab interface.

It is recommended that users first become familiar with the interface of JupyterLab to use the HPC JupyerHub service.


What are JupyterHub, Jupyter Notebooks and JupyterLab?

  • JupyterHub is the Server that lets users log-in and use Jupyter Notebooks through the interactive JupyterLab interface. It manages the JupyterLab instances.
  • Jupyter Notebook is a human-readable document that can be used for programming, data analysis, descriptions and creation of results like figures, tables, etc..
  • JupyterLab is a web interface (UI) with access to a Linux terminal, a files browser, environment and editor for notebooks in many programming languages.


All users that have access to the RWTH High Performance Computing also have access to the HPC JupyterHub service using their existing credentials and quotas.


Current State

The HPC JupyterHub is currently in an initial prototype phase that has limited functionality that is being continuously expanded.



Users start JupyterLab instances in the traditional HPC hardware using Profiles.

JupyterLab Profiles allow users to run predefined software packages with Jupyter Notebooks.

Users can request a new Profile and are not able to install them themselves at the moment. To request a Profile, please contact us via



Hardware utilization is still limited by the quotas defined in the computational projects or accounts used by users.

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