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JupyterLab and SLURM

JupyterLab and SLURM


The JupyterLab web interfaces run in the HPC Compute cluster as SLURM jobs.

A user selects a default JupyterLab Profile (configuration of cores, runtime, etc.), customizes and sends it to be queued in the SLURM batch system.

The user waits for the hardware resources to become available.

Starting a slurm job

Once the hardware is granted, the JupyterLab containing Jupyter Notebooks is started and the user is connected to the instance through the web interface.

JupyterLab web interface

The user can then work using this instance of JupyterLab until the runtime of the SLURM job ends.

This runtime must be defined before submission and cannot be changed while the JupyterLab SLURM job is running.

Enough time should be chosen so that the interactive session can be completed before the deadline.

Choosing job running time

The SLURM settings used for granting hardware to JupyterLab can be configured according to the ‘sbatch’ documentation of the installed SLURM version.

These settings behave identically to sbatch batch job settings used in normal scripts.

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