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How to connect to the HPC JupyterHub

How to connect to the HPC JupyterHub


You must access the HPC JupyterHub from the RWTH network.

For external access you have to first establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to the RWTH network address.

You can then access the HPC JupyterHub webpage using the address and your HPC credentials.


Access to the HPC JupyterHub

All users allowed to use the RWTH High Performance Computing can access the JupyterHub with the same login information used for the RWTH High Performance Computingr.

HPC JupyterHub Sign in

External users wishing for access must follow the same procedure as for the  RWTH High Performance Computing.

All JupyterLab Profiles are currently available to all users, but not all hardware might be available.

This is still limited by the quotas defined in the computational projects or accounts used by users.


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