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What is project-based resource management?

What is project-based resource management?


The RWTH Compute Cluster is a precious but limited resource of great help to research and education. In order to make best use of this expensive device, the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) requires a procedure to allocate computing  resources following scientific considerations.

Thus, the project-based resource management is supposed to guarantee fair distribution of the available resources from scientific and technical points of view.
Researchers who would like to use more than the default quota of cluster resources are required to submit project applications that will undergo mandatory technical and scientific evaluations.

Students who would like to use more than the default quota of resources will only be able to do so in the context of university courses, seminars, practicum, thesis works or research projects and only when the corresponding scientist (thesis adviser, lecturer or principal investigator) has submitted a compute project proposal.


For different purposes multiple project categories have been defined.
Please find an overview including links to the JARDS online submission system here.