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What is project-based resource management?

What is project-based resource management?


The RWTH High Performance Computer system is an important but limited resource in research and education. In order to make best use of this expensive device, the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) requires a scientific review procedure to allocate compute resources. Thus, the HPC System uses a project-based resource management method that fairly distributes the available resources.

Researchers who want to use more than their default quota are required to submit a compute time project application that undergoes mandatory technical and scientific reviews before being approved. Similarly, students will only be able to  obtain more compute time with projects related to university courses, seminars, practicum, thesis works or research projects and only when a Principal Investigator (PI) scientist (thesis adviser, lecturer, Profesor ) has submitted a compute time project proposal.

Please review our Quick Reference for an illustration of the application, approval and allocation process.

Do you need to apply for a Compute Time Project?

It is possible to perform basic short computations with the default quota without a project submission.
to help you decide if you need more compute time, please check our Overview of Compute Project Categories.
To confirm that you still have quota left from your default amount, use r_wlm_usage tool from within a login node.

Support for research and education

Scientists can request special resource allocations in the form of exclusive dedicated compute nodes. These would "belong" to the Project and are guaranteed to be available without being shared with others.
In order to limit the overhead of setup, allocations should be requested for long runtimes. Continuations are of course possible.
Processes have been established in order to guarantee the orderly execution of courses and the ability for students to work on their theses when that requires the use of the RWTH High Performance Computing.
Courses can either take place as a single block or happen periodically during the semester.

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