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Check Filesystem Quotas

Check Filesystem Quotas


Use the command

$ r_quota

to verify how much space you use on each file system and how much is available to you. To display the quota for project directories, e.g. jara9876, use the following command:

$ r_quota -u jara9876

                         ------------ Blocks ------------- ------------- Files -------------

Object                    used   soft   hard        grace   used   soft   hard        grace

/home/jara9876              0K      -  1000G            -      7      -  1024K            -

/work/jara9876              0K      -   250G            -      2      -  1024K            -

/hpcwork/jara9876           4K  1000G  1100G            -      1    49K    50K            -

Note that this works only if you have UNIX read permissions on the involved directories. All quotas are so-called tree or directory quotas. All files stored under a directory are accounted, no matter what their UID and GID are, i.e. even files that do not belong to you count towards your quota usage if they reside in your home/work/hpcwork directory.

last changed on 04/28/2023

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