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Broken files on HPCWORK

Broken files on HPCWORK


In your HPCWORK directory you may sometimes encounter files for which the command "ls -l" reports an error "No such file or directory" and displays something like

-????????? ? ?        ?               ?            ? FILENAME

The reason is usually that parts of the file are lost, for example due to a crash of one of the HPCWORK file servers. Since there is no backup of HPCWORK, we are not able to restore the content of such files. You can try to recover those parts of the file that are still readable with the command

dd_rescue -e 10240 -b 1M -B 1M <BROKEN_FILE> <RECOVERED_FILE>

 In order to remove a broken file you might have to use the following command  - "rm" will usually not work:

unlink <BROKEN_FILE>

last changed on 07/14/2022

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