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Broken files on HPCWORK

Broken files on HPCWORK


In your $HPCWORK directory you may sometimes encounter files for which the command ls -l reports an error "No such file or directory" and displays something like

-????????? ? ?        ?               ?            ? FILENAME

The reason is usually that parts of the file are lost, for example due to a crash of one of the HPCWORK file servers. Since there is no backup of $HPCWORK, we are not able to restore the content of such files. You can try to recover those parts of the file that are still readable with the command

dd_rescue -e 10240 -b 1M -B 1M <BROKEN_FILE> <RECOVERED_FILE>

In order to remove a broken file you might have to use the following command - rm will usually not work:

unlink <BROKEN_FILE>

last changed on 04/28/2023

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