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Linux for HPC (Tutorials)

Linux for HPC (Tutorials)


Linux is the Operating System running on the Claix HPC system and it is therefore required to have good foundational knowledge about its file structure, command line, scripting, ssh among other aspects of Linux.


To help you learn the required tools need to use the CLAIX HPC system, our partners at HPC.NRW have prepared a series of video Tutorials explaining the most important aspects of Linux.

Please make sure you use the HPC.NRW Tutorials to develop experience using Linux, since the CLAIX HPC system requires it.

To have a quick overview, please attend ur HPC Introduction Workshops or check the Slides from past events.

We will only be able to properly help support requests that meet a minimum Linux Knowledge. For this reason we recommend that you become familiar with these topics!

Quick Reference Table:

[Link]Topic description
SSH ConnectionsHow to connect to remote computers (HPC Login nodes!)
Background and HistoryBrief background on Linux and UNIX
The Command LineThe command line is used to interact with HPC systems
Directory StructureDirectories, storage, paths.
FilesManipulating and creating files
Text Display and SearchText Files, inputs, outputs, searching.
Users and Permissionsusers, file permissions, sharing.
ProcessesPrograms run as processes.
The vim Text EditorEditing files with VIM.
Shell ScriptingScript files, variables, scripting.
Environment VariablesHow to set, unset, or modify variables.
SCP File TransferHow to transfer files between computers.
System Configuration FilesHow to configure your shell.
Various TipsTips when interacting with Linux system.

Knowledge about Linux is transferable and usable at any other of the TOP500 most powerful HPC systems.

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