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How to Stop the JupyterLab

How to Stop the JupyterLab


JupyterLabs run as Slurm jobs. To stop an instance of a JupyterLab server, you must do so from the Hub Control Panel (JupyterHub Website).

You can access the Hub Control Panel from the JupyterLab File Menu.

Sometimes it might be desired to stop the JupyterLab instance before its runtime is over in order to save on the core-hour quota.

A running JupyterLab instance can be closed by clicking the top menu, selecting File, Opening the Hub Control panel

Opening Hub control panel

and then clicking

Stop my server button

Alternatively the Slurm job can be terminated using scancel <JOB-ID>.

Terminating job using a command

After Slurm terminates, the JupyterLab running stops and the Interface becomes unavailable:

Restarting a server

last changed on 09/12/2023

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