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Uploading Files to the Cluster

Uploading Files to the Cluster

Uploading files to the Cluster using the JupyterLab

To upload files to the cluster using the JupyterLab GUI, you can follow this method.

After starting a JupyterLab as described here, you can select on the top right the File Browser (shift+ctrl+F).

You can then move across the directory structure of the global filesystems we provide in the Cluster as described here. Once you reach a location you wish to create directories in, you can create the directory as follows:

After creating directories, you can enter them and upload files as follows:


Your file is now uploaded to the GFS (Global File System) of the Cluster. These can be used through the HPCJupyterHub, normal batch jobs or through any login node!

last changed on 11/17/2023

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