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The Gurobi Optimizer is a state-of-the-art solver for mathematical programming. The solvers in the Gurobi Optimizer were designed from the ground up to exploit modern architectures and multi-core processors, using the most advanced implementations of the latest algorithms.

Table of Contents

  1. How to access the software
  2. MATLAB with Gurobi
  3. Python mit Gurobi



How to access the software

You have to load additional modules until you can load Gurobi

module load GCCcore/.11.3.0 
module load Gurobi/10.0.0

Available Gurobi versions can be listed with module spider Gurobi. Specifying a version will list the needed modules: module spider Gurobi/10.0.0

MATLAB with Gurobi

When you load the Gurobi module, MATLAB's path will automatically be extended to include Gurobi with the correct version. Gurobi should then work within MATLAB out of the box.

Python with Gurobi

When loading the Gurobi module, Python will automatically be loaded with the correct version.

After loading the module you can import gurobipy in your Python script:

import gurobipy

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