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Filing a support case for filesystem quota

Filing a support case for filesystem quota


In general, we do not increase personal quota for an unlimited lifetime anymore. If you have an approved project, please use the project directories (e.g., /home/rwth1234, /home/jara1234) to store the required data. The PC (Person to Contact) or the PI (Principle Investigator) of your project is responsible for the organization of the directory structure. Please note that each project also comes with a quota on WORK (e.g., /work/rwth1234, /work/jara1234) and HPCWORK (e.g., /hpcwork/rwth1234, /hpcwork/jara1234), which should be used for reproducible data which does not require any backup.

If you do not have a compute project and you need to increase your filesystem quota, we need the following information to help:

  • which filesystem ($HOME, $WORK, $HPCWORK)?
  • How much more quota do you need?
  • For how long?
  • Do you also need an increase of you filequota (how much)?

Please send the information to the IT-ServiceDesk.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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