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Managing Computing Projects

Managing Computing Projects

Features of Computing Time Projects

After the application for a computing time project is approved, the project is instantiated and gets the following features:

  • A project group.
  • The granted computing time.
  • Storage space on the file systems.

Project Groups

Computing time projects are often used collaboratively. To facilitate this, each project has an associated group with a unique project-id, which allows for the management of project members. Everyone who is part of the group is allowed submit a computing job that is subsequently billed to the project and to access the project storage space.

Within a group there are the following roles:

  • Owner: The person administering the computing time project (either the PI or PC) assumes and permanently holds this role by deault. They can add other members and managers.
  • Managers: Individuals with the ability to manage group membership, including adding or removing members and managers.
  • Members: Standard participants of the group. Members can always leave a group at their discretion.

 The group is managed with the command-line tool member. Key commands include:

  • Add a project member: member add --name <project-id> <user-id>
  • Remove a project member: member delete --name <project-id> <user-id>
  • Assign and revoke a manager role: Append the --manager option to the commands above
  • View group affiliations: member finger

You can find additional information about the tool by using member --man. Please note, executing these commands may prompt you for your password, though subsequent password requests will not be immediate.

For newly added members to fully integrate into the group, initiating a new connection to the cluster is necessary.

End of a Project

Upon the completion of a project at the end of its period, two important processes come into effect:

  1. Any unused computing time will be forfeited.
  2. Access to the project's storage space will expire 8 months after the project's conclusion. Please transfer any relevant data within this timeframe. In case you need more time get in contact with us.

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