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Roles and tasks related to any computing project

Roles and tasks related to any computing project


There are several roles related to any computing project: Each project has one leading scientist as principal investigator (PI) and one person to contact (PC) (previously called technical contact,TC), as well as further project members (PM).


Principal Investigator (PI)

The principal investigator (PI) has to take responsibility for the project application and the project execution. He/She has to be a senior researcher (a leading scientist with a Dr./PhD degree or a permanent position) who can also act as a reviewer for other submissions of computing project applications or otherwise to nominate and supervise a delegate who is able to thoroughly take part in the reviewing process. He/She has to sign the paper version of the application and he/she is also responsible for any due status or final reports. Furthermore, the PI is responsible for granting access to further project members. He has to make sure that citizens of countries that are subject to the export control policy of the German Federal Government have an additional authorization from the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) before they are allowed to use the RWTH High Performance Computing.

For lectures, seminars and practica  the corresponding lecturer acts as the PI; for thesis works the primary adviser acts as the PI.


Person of Contact (PC)

The person of contact (PC) (previously called technical contact,TC) prepares the application and the project description, fills out the (online) forms and manages the computing project technically. After the project has been approved and set up by the IT Center, the PC is responsible for adding each (new) project member PM to the project.

Typically the PI nominates the PC, but he can as well act as the PC himself.

Only the PC is initially a project member.

Please Note: Be aware that all data stored in directories belonging to the compute project account will be deleted 8 months after the end of the project unless an extension has been approved. Applicants from external institutions are responsible for providing any necessary software licence, please find more information here.

Data Privacy NHR Projects

Due to data privacy reasons, it is required that the PI enables the PC (or vice versa) to retrieve the required personal data during the application process. For example, if the PC is filing the application he/she has to press the corresponding "Send a data request mail to the PI" button:

After that the PI receives an email with an login link to JARDS. Here, he/she has to confirm the login once:

This confirmation is valid for all future proposals unless the PI revokes the permission.

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