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Data Transfer Nodes

Data Transfer Nodes



  • p.N. - per Node
  • all CPU Codename are meant to be 'Intel', if not anything to the contrary
  • Value '#Cores per Node' mean the physical cores (not Hyperthreading 'CPUs' reported in the OS system). By default the HyperThreading is OFF on our nodes; for those few with HT=ON remarks are posted here.

Data Transfer Nodes

The following systems are dedicated to (remote and local) file transfers:

Hardware Node Type
CPU Codename
CPU Model
Clock Speed [GHz]
Memory [GB]
Beginning of operation
Network Speed [Gbits/s]
copy18-1.hpc.itc.rwth-aachen.deintel-R2208WFTZSSkylakePlatinum 81602,12483841920November 20182 x 40
copy18-2.hpc.itc.rwth-aachen.deintel-R2208WFTZSSkylakePlatinum 81602,12483841920November 20182 x 40
copy.hpc.itc.rwth-aachen.deNEC HPC128Rg-2Broadwell EPE5-2695v42,1232256240November 2016

2 x 10

The data transfer nodes differ from the other dialog systems in the following aspects:

  • You cannot start remote desktop sessions with FastX
  • Dedicated interactive programs like firefox or thunderbird are not installed
  • The TSM software to archive files is installed exclusively on the data transfer node
  • You cannot submit or manage batch jobs

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