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Using the RWTH VPN

Using the RWTH VPN


Please note

To be able to use the RWTH VPN, a corresponding account in Selfservice is required.

The VPN connection to the respective VPN server is established via a  Cisco Secure Client (AnyConnect). Unfortunately, it is not possible to use RWTH VPN with a native VPN client.

To etablish a VPN connection, proceed as follows:

1. Enter a VPN server:

- for central VPN.

- for institute VPN (replace "institut" with the respective abbreviation of your organisation).

2. Enter you login data:

- Username in the format ab123456.

- Password for the VPN account: must be set in IdM Selfservice first.

3. Enter a one-time code for Multifactor-Authentication (MFA):

One-time code is generated with the help of a token. You can set up a token in the Token Manager.


Installation guide for Cisco Security Client:

last changed on 04/23/2024

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