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Cisco AnyConnect for MacOS

Cisco AnyConnect for MacOS


Step 1: Download Anyconnect

Visit the following website and download the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client (MAC-users use the ".dmg." file)

Use your RWTH Single Sign On (SSO) Login for entry.

Step 2: Execute file

Execute the file in the window that now opens.

Execute file

Execute file

Execute file

Step 3: Accept license agreement

Aftwerwards you can open the VPN file and continue with the installation. Hereby you have to accept on the license conditions.

Accept license agreement

Accept license agreement

Accept license agreement

Accept license agreement


Step 4: Starting the installation

 Then start the installation by clicking on "Install" and enter your AppleID and the respective password. Click again on "Install Software"

Starting the installation

When the error message: Security Warning occurs, the following steps have to be followed:

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Step 5: Starting CiscoAnyConnect Client

Start the app. You can find it in your data assigned to "Programs".

Starting CiscoAnyConnect

Enter as serverand RWTH-VPN (Full Tunnel) or RWTH-VPN (Split Tunnel) in the following login window and enter your username (format: ab123456) as username. Please enter your VPN password.

enter your WLAN/VPN password


Step 6: Connection establishment

Now the connection should be established successfully.

Connection establishment


last changed on 05.07.2021

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