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Cisco Secure Client (AnyConnect) for iOS

Cisco Secure Client (AnyConnect) for iOS


Be aware

You need to have set a password for your VPN account in the Selfservice in order to be able to use the VPN service.

This guide was made using an iPhone X running iOS 16.1.


1. Please open the appstore and search for "Cisco Secure Client" for download. Select "Get" and then "Open" the App. Select "Install" if prompted.

Cisco Secure Client App

2. Open the app and "Allow" AnyConnect to send notifications..

Allow notifications

3. Click on "No connections".

No Connections

4. Select "Add VPN Connection"

Add VPN Connection

5. Next type in the corresponding server address:

  • for the RWTH vpn
  • for vpn connection to an institute network

You can fill in the field description "RWTH". Afterwards select "save".

Adding the VPN

6. Allow AnyConnect to configure the VPN.

Allow VPN Configuration

7. The VPN connection should now show as enabled. You can select "Back" to return to the main menu of the app.

8. You can activate the VPN connection by using the slider next to "AnyConnect VPN".

9. You must now enter your username (in the format ab123456) and your password.

The group "Full Tunnel" is selected automatically by AnyConnect. Select "Connect" to establish a connection to the VPN.

10. Please enter a one time password. You can generate a one time password by using a token such as an authenticator app.

Option for entering a one time password

11. The vpn connection can be deactivated either via AnyConnect or the settings. It's the same procedure for reactivating an existing VPN connection. 

last changed on 04/23/2024

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