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The Anyconnect has a customer experience feedback module (CEF),
which transmits non-personal data to Cisco. This is described in detail
described on the manufacturer's page.
The CEF module is activated by default after installation of the Anyconnect.
activated by default. However, it is deactivated during the first connection to the
"" it is deactivated. Therefore no further data will be collected
captured by the CEF module and sent to Cisco.

If you should deactivate this function under Windows without connecting to
to "", please proceed as follows:
1) Download the latest Anyconnect version.
2) Download the following transform set file:
3) Start "cmd" as administrator
4) Change to the path of your download folder with "CD": cd %HOMEPATH%\Downloads
5) Start the installation with:
    msiexec -i anyconnect-win-<_VERSION-NUMBER_>-core-vpn-webdeploy-k9.msi

last changed on 10/24/2022

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