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Cisco AnyConnect for Windows

Cisco AnyConnect for Windows




Be aware

For the use of VPN a separate account is necessary.
  1. First set the password for your VPN account in Selfservice
  2. Then download and install Cisco AnyConnect for Windows. (If the link does not work you can reach the download path with all installation files for all supported operating systems here)
  3. For the connection please use the following data:
    • Server:
    • Tunnel: Full tunnel (all traffic via RWTH network) or split tunnel (only RWTH internal addresses are accessed via VPN)
    • VPN-Username: Form ab123456
    • VPN Kennwort (see step 1)


Step by step installation guide

Run the downloaded file

To complete the installation, click on "next" and finally on "finish" to finish the installation.

Start the installation with "Install" and finish the installation with "Finish".


Start Cisco's AnyConnect Mobility Client

After the successfull installation you can start Cisco's AnyConnect Mobility Client by entering the VPN-address Then click on "connect" to connect with the RWTH net.

Start Cisco's AnyConnect Mobility Client



First choose the group. Either RWTH-VPN(Full Tunnel) or "RWTH-VPN"(Split Tunnel). Username is the VPN-username (format: ab123456) you already used to download the client and your password

*Full Tunnel: All traffic goes through the RWTH network.

*Split Tunnel: Only the data traffic of RWTH systems run over the RWTH network.

Entering VPN login credentials

Please enter a one time password. If you have not set a token yet, you can skip it by enter a current date.

Option for entering a one time password


To end the VPN connection, click on "disconnect"



last changed on 01/30/2024

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