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Start Before Logon feature for institutes (Windows)

Start Before Logon feature for institutes (Windows)


Note: On request in the IT-ServiceDesk it is possible to activate the feature "Start Before Login (SBL)" for your institute VPN (Windows only).


The "Start Before Logon (SBL)" feature offers the possibility to connect to VPN via anyconnect before you have authenticated yourself on the Windows computer.

This offers increased security, e.g. when using access-free or unknown WLAN networks. At the same time services from your e.g.: Windows domain are already available before logging in (e.g.: the synchronization of user profiles).


Download the special version of the Cisco anyConnect Client (the standard package does not include the SBL feature)

After installing the anyconnect client, you will be offered the anyconnect client in the login mask when starting the Windows computer:

After clicking on the icon, anyconnect starts, and you can connect to the institute VPN as usual:

Zeigt die anyconnect Anmeldemaske

last changed on 07/20/2023

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