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Cisco Secure Client (AnyConnect) for Android

Cisco Secure Client (AnyConnect) for Android



Be aware

You need to have set a password for your VPN account in the Selfservice in order to be able to use the VPN service.

This guide was created using a Galaxy S20 FE running Android version 13.


Step 1: Install the ”Cisco Secure Client“ app

  • Search for "anyconnect" in your device's app store. Select "Install" next to the "Cisco Secure Client" app

Install the Cisco Secure Client

  • Open the app

Open the app

  • Accept the EULA with "OK"


  • Allow notifications with "Allow"

Allow notifications


Step 2: Neue Verbindung erstellen

  • Initially, no connections have been set up. Select "Connections"

No connection

  • Select the plus button "+" to set up a new connection

Set up a new connection

  • Enter the connection information in the Connection Editor:
    • Description: Can be chosen freely, e.g. RWTH VPN
    • Server Address:
    • (If asked for "Certificate": automatic)
  • Once you have entered all information, you can proceed with "done"

Connection Editor

  • Choose the back arrow to return to the main menu

Return to the main menu


Step 3: Configure the VPN

  • Choose the slider next to "AnyConnect VPN" to activate the VPN connection

Activate the connection for the first time

  • The first time that you activate the connection, you will be asked for the login details of your VPN account:
    • (Group: RWTH-VPN (Full Tunnel) is set by default in the app)
    • Username in the Format "ab123456"
    • Password for your "VPN" Account. This can be changed in the IdM Selfservice if required
  • Once all information has been entered, select "Connect"

VPN account login​​​​​​​

  • Please enter a one time password. You can generate a one time password using a token such as an authenticator app.

Option for entering a One-Time-Password

  • Authorize the connection request with "OK"

Connection request


Step 4: The VPN Connection has been established

  • If the VPN connection was successful, a key will be shown at the top of your display and the connection will have the status "connected".
  • For future connections, you can simply use the slider in the top field to activate or terminate the connection. It automatically activates the last connection that was used.

VPN connection

last changed on 04/23/2024

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