You are located in service: VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Cisco AnyConnect for Android

Cisco AnyConnect for Android


Step 1: Install the app AnyConnect by Cisco:

  1. For HTC devices: HTC AnyConnect
  2. For Samsung devices: Samsung AnyConnect
  3. For Samsung devices (with a Firmware "older than September 2011"): Samsung < SEP2011 AnyConnect
  4. For Lenovo devices: Lenovo AnyConnect
  5. For rooted devices: Rooted AnyConnect

Step 2: Start AnyConnect and add a new VPN connection

Create new connection


Step 3: Enter settings

Description: RWTH VPN

Server Address:

Certificate: Automatic

Enter settings


Step 4: The new connection is added to the list

Connection display


Step 5: Select the VPN connection and enter your userdata


Username: username (format: ab123456)

Password: WLAN/VPN password


Step 6: You are now connected to VPN

Display of the active connection


last changed on 29.01.2021

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