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Accounting information with r_wlm_usage

Accounting information with r_wlm_usage


r_wlm_usage shows your personal usage of the batch system in core-hours. Per default, the usage for the last six months is shown.

r_wlm_usage was introduced for the Slurm batch system and replaces its predecessor, r_batch_usage, which was restricted to displaying LSF accounting information.

The manual page is accessible via the --man option, e.g.

r_wlm_usage --man


If you want to track old LSF accounting info, please use r_batch_usage instead.

General usage

Per default, r_wlm_usage shows the personal usage of the last six months. The number of months can be changed by providing the -m option, e.g.

r_wlm_usage -m 2

This will show the usage for the last two months only. If you are interested in a specific time period, it could be specified with the -tr option, e.g.

r_wlm_usage -tr '2014-01-23' '2014-03-12'

This will show the batch usage from Thu 23.01.2014 00:00:00 until Wed 12.03.2014 23:59:59

The output is normally colored so that one could easily distinguish between kilo- and megacore-hours. This behaviour can be switched off with the -nc option.


If you are a member of a project (i.e. you are able to submit jobs to the batch system using bsub -P), r_wlm_usage can be used to get the accounting information for the whole project, divided into queues used and users. To obtain that information, please give the name of the project with the -p parameter, e.g.

r_wlm_usage -p projabcd

This will show the usage for project projabcd. To query the usage of several projects, provide their names as a comma-separated list.

Projects with Quotas

If you are a member of a project with a specific compute time allocation (e.g. JARA), the used quota can be displayed by providing additionally the -q option, e.g.

r_wlm_usage -p jara9875 -q

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