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General Information on RWTH-devices (Wi-Fi)

General Information on RWTH-devices (Wi-Fi)


The Wi-Fi network RWTH-devices is ment for devices that do not support enterprise authentication (802.1X). Authentication is performed via individual PSK (Pre Shared Key).

Such devices are commonly known as IoT devices (Internet of Things), e.g. measuring devices, sensors, displays.

Access to the network RWTH-devices is only possible for devices that have been registered by the network administrator of an RWTH institution.

Network administrators can register IoT devices in the following networks:

  • in one of the RWTH-wide networks
    • cloud devices, displays or sensors
    • individual device approval is done by the IT Center
  • in an IoT network of the RWTH institution
    • the network must be applied for beforehand, by the network administrator
    • device approval is done automatically through registration
    • by adjusting the firewall rules, registered IoT devices get access to IP-restricted resources within the institution

Devices registered in RWTH-devices receive an IP address as following:

  • native IPv6 addresses (public)
  • private IPv4 addresses (RFC1918)
    • these are translated via NAT (Network Address Translation) to enable legacy IP connectivity

last changed on 05/17/2022

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