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Access requirements for eduroam (WLAN)

Access requirements for eduroam (WLAN)


The wireless network (aka SSID, WLAN, WiFi) eduroam can be used by the following groups of people:

  • RWTH staff
  • RWTH students
  • Other users, whose home organisation participates in the eduroam federation

The following must be present for the device to connect to eduroam:

  • the SSID eduroam must be available, with adequate signal strength, at the desired location
  • the user must be authorised to use eduroam
  • the user must have created a UserLogin with the eduroam device manager(EGM)
  • the user must have preconfigured the Wi-Fi capable end user device

eduroam (Education Roaming) is not only available at the RWTH. There are hundreds of research facilities worldwide which participate in the eduroam federation ( End-user devices configured to use eduroam at the user's home organisation should work at all other eduroam locations with the same credentials (without further or any need to change the device configuration).


You will find information about the usage of the eduroan device manager on the following pages:

last changed on 05/28/2024

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