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eduroam for employees of the university hospital (UKA)

eduroam for employees of the university hospital (UKA)


To assure the access for UKA employees the SAP system was reconnected to the Identity Management via a new connectme-process.

The process respects the applicable privacy policy. Employees of the UKA are only able to apply for a coupon code while connected through the intranet of the UKA. The coupon code can be redeemed via ConnectMe.


ConnectMe for employees of RWTH

On Coupon for Employees you can find a detailed instruction of the redeeming-process for employees.


Activating eduroam

As an employee you can login to the IT-Service-Portal with your UKA-domain username and password. Then you choose the option „RWTH –Dienste (z.B. eduroam)“.

After you have agreed to the transfer of personal data, you will receive an email with a personal coupon code, which you can redeem after around 30 minutes via ConnectMe.

The data transmission takes approximately 1 hour. This process assigns the status of UKA-Mitarbeitender to the employee.

UKA IT-Service Interface



After setting up eduroam through the IT-services interface, you can create new eduroam login credentials for your device.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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