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eduroam Profile for iOS

eduroam Profile for iOS


Please use eduroam Devicemanager to generate eduroam credentials for every device in use! You will find a tutorial here. You'll need them to authenticate in step 3.

Attention: Using the Apple iCloud keychain synchronises the same eduroam credentials on every device!

Please note that login names generated with the help of eduroam Devicemanager will end with for members of the RWTH Aachen University and with for the members of the FZ Jülich.

You can continue to access the RWTH-institutes Wi-Fi network using a login name that ends with


This guide was made using an iPhone X running iOS 16.1.


Step 1: Open settings and connect to RWTH-guests

Mobile data and RWTH-guests

Please note that a connection with RWTH-guests is not necessary if you are able to use mobile data and you can continue with step 2. Please also note that the RWTH-guests network is not available at the Uniklinikum RWTH Aachen.

First open the settings and go to the "Wi-Fi" menu.

Opening the Wi-Fi menu


If you now turn on Wi-Fi, you will receive a list of the available networks. You can connect by selecting "RWTH-guests".

Join the RWTH-guests network


Your browser should open automatically. Scroll down the page and activate your access by selecting the green button "Zugang aktivieren".

Activate access


You should be shown a confirmation with the connection details for your device. Select "Done".

Successful connection to RWTH-guests


Step 2: Download profile

You can download and install the profile from the DFN website ( Open the link in your browser, then select the "eduroam" button once the webpage has loaded.

Downloading the eduroam profile


Confirm that the website may install a profile by selecting "Allow".

Authorize the installation


A confirmation will be shown that a profile has been loaded. Select "Close".

Download confirmation


Close your browser and navigate back to your settings. Select the new menu item "Profile Downloaded".

Selecting the profile from settings


The eduroam profile should be displayed. Select "Install" to install the profile. You may need to authorize the installation with your device's code/PIN.

Installing the profile


You will be shown a hint about the format of the username. Select "Next".

Username hint


Details about the certificate will be displayed. Select "Continue".

Certificate details


A dialogue will pop up, confirm the installation by selecting "Install".

Confirmation pop-up


Identity and password: Please use the generated eduroam credentials (you will find detailed instructionshere)



Step 3: Enter Wi-Fi login data

While installing the certificate, a dialogue will open asking for your login information. If you have not generated login information for your device, you must do so using the eduroam Device Manager.

Please note that any iOS devices linked to the keychain should use the same login information due to the keychain only sharing a single username and password with all devices.


Enter your username and select "Next". Please make sure to use the correct domain ( for members of RWTH Aachen University and for members of FZ Jülich)



Enter your password from the eduroam Device Manager and select "Next".



A confirmation that the profile was installed should be displayed. Select "Done".

Confirmation that the profile was installed


You can now return to your settings and select "Wi-Fi" to connect to the "eduroam" Network. Your username and password are saved in the profile that you installed.

Selecting the eduroam network to connect


Should your login information change, you must delete and reinstall your profile in order to enter the new information.

last changed on 01/17/2024

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