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Apply for an RWTH-institutes network (Wi-Fi)

Apply for an RWTH-institutes network (Wi-Fi)


Each interested institution must apply for the usage of the Wi-Fi network RWTH-institutes.


Applicant: Network administrator of the institution (check if you are a registered network administrator in Networks-View, only reachable from within the RWTH network).

Please send us the following information:

  • the identification number (IKZ or ORG-ID) of your institution
  • approximate number of end user devices (<254, or <1022, or more?)
  • short description on how you intend to use the network, we just want to make sure it works as intented
  • other special features
  • E-Mail subject "request RWTH-institutes network forĀ <institute>"

last changed on 10/19/2023

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