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General Configuration of eduroam

General Configuration of eduroam

It is advisable to use the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) to configure eduroam on your device:
In case you prefer a manual configuration, please use the setting from the table below.
802.1x:activated in infrastructure mode
Auth type:TTLS / PEAP
Authentication Protocol:mschapv2
User data:Must be generated by using the eduroam Devicemanager for each device individually. Create eduroam access data
(alternatively: leave the domain blank and enter the generated user name, depending on what works!)
Roaming Identity:Generated user name
Radius certificate DFN-PKI-G2 :

The current radius certificate of the DFN-PKI-G2 (since 23.05.2023) has:

  • SHA1 Fingerprint: "1B:CB:96:0C:B5:C6:4E:B1:46:4A:AF:5F:84:95:5F:62:9E:D8:DD:6B"
  • SHA256 Fingerprint: "8D:90:D3:3C:08:4A:3C:40:A7:C7:86:8F:3D:35:FD:77:05:BF:7F:C5:79:95:57:74:7C:D5:E9:F2:03:68:57:51"
  • Serial number: 12305162256377963218489406966 (0x27C297768EBDA061667975F6)
  • Validity: 21.12.2022 - 21.01.2024 14:36 GMT
  • DN: O=RWTH Aachen L=Aachen ST=Nordrhein-Westfalen C=DE
  • Issued by: "DFN-Verein Global Issuing CA"
Certificate chain DFN-PKI-G2:
  1. Telecom Toplevel Certificate (Built-in Token) "T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2" valid till 01.10.2033 23:59 GMT
    Fingerprint (SHA1): 59: 0D: 2D: 7D: 88: 4F: 40: 2E: 61: 7E: A5: 62: 32: 17 : 65: CF: 17: D8: 94: E9
  2. DFN PCA Certificate "DFN-Verein Certification Authority 2" valid till 22.02.2031 23:59 GMT
    Fingerprint (SHA1): E2: 24: BE: F6: D7: 86: 22: 0D: 26: 2B: B8: 07: AB: 6D: AC: F9: D3: A8: 9A: 93
  3. DFN CA Certificate "DFN-Verein Global Issuing CA" valid till 22.02.2031 23:59 GMT
    Fingerprint (SHA1): C9: DC: B0: 47: AC: 8C: 5F: 09: 05: ED: 77: 52: 8C: BD: 4B: 84: D9: 46 : 3C: 45
Radius certificate GÉANT/TCS:

Migration (August 1,2023) to the radius certificate from the "GEANT OV RSA CA 4":

  • SHA1 Fingerprint: "A1:4C:2F:3A:37:CB:02:25:09:D0:28:E4:44:42:F6:BF:E3:59:7C:88"
  • SHA256 Fingerprint: "06:0B:12:1F:9E:C2:36:0C:69:36:8A:04:C6:E5:EB:79:3F:22:DF:48:2A:96:89:B4:47:BC:9E:C2:FE:8C:0A:B2"
  • Serial number: f8:c7:8d:da:75:18:fc:ab:1e:06:22:97:e1:ec:6d:41
  • Validity: 04.05.2023 - 03.05.2024 23:59 GMT
  • DN: O=RWTH Aachen University ST=Nordrhein-Westfalen C=DE
  • Issued by: "GEANT OV RSA CA 4"
Certificate chain GÉANT/TCS:
  1. Comodo CA Limited Toplevel certificate (Built-in-Token) "AAA Certificate Services" valid till 31.12.2028 23:59 GMT 
    Fingerprint (SHA1): D1:EB:23:A4:6D:17:D6:8F:D9:25:64:C2:F1:F1:60:17:64:D8:E3:49
  2. Intermediate certificate "USERTrust RSA Certification Authority" valid till 31.12.2028 23:59 GMT
    Fingerprint (SHA1): D8:9E:3B:D4:3D:5D:90:9B:47:A1:89:77:AA:9D:5C:E3:6C:EE:18:4C
  3. Intermediate certificate "GEANT OV RSA CA 4" valid till 01.05.2033 23:59 GMT
    Fingerprint (SHA1): C2:82:6E:26:6D:74:05:D3:4E:F8:97:62:63:6A:E4:B3:6E:86:CB:5E

last changed on 08/04/2023

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