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Setting e-mail notificications

Setting e-mail notificications


In the Commvault user interface, you have the option of setting appropriate e-mail notifications in the "Monitoring" area. For instance, you can be notified of failed backup jobs by e-mail.

Note: Please note that you can only set up additional e-mail addresses after consulting with the recipient.


In the Commvault Command Center (, you can generate email alerts in the monitoring section. 

  1. In the sidebar, select "Monitoring" and then click on "Alerts".
  2. At the top left, go to the 'Alerts definitions' section.
  3. Click on the 'Add alert definition' field in the upper right corner. From here you start to configure your alert definitions.

  1. Define or name your alert message and select a type. 
  2. Optionally, decide whether you want to send an individual notification for this message. Click on "Next" at the bottom to proceed.

  1. In the next step, assign your message by using the search function to find and select your client.

  1. Specify the addressees. Entering functional e-mail addresses is possible here.
    Note: Please remember to consult further recipients before adding their contacts.

  1. It is possible to change the template, but this is usually not necessary.
    Finish the process by clicking on 'Finish'.


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