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Client Registration in Commvault

Client Registration in Commvault


After successfully installing Commvault with the associated software package, i is necessary to add the client (the system to be backed up) to a user group. To do this, please use the "Assign Client to Group" workflow in Commvault.

These instructions apply to registering individual clients. Soon you will find here information about bulk registration of clients.


Step by step instructions for registering a new client in the Commvault Command Center (RWTH):

  1. Login to the Commvault Command Center at: with <>

  1. Redirecting to RWTH Single Sign-On
  • Note: Before entering the RWTH-ID (ab123456) and password, please check here that the transmitted personal data should be displayed.
  • If necessary you can read your context ID (cid) from the line "Roles and groups" here. This information is equivalent to your group name in Commvault. 

  1. Redirecting to Commvault: Workflow Assig Client to Group
  • From the Commvault Command Center, you can see the registered systems in your group
  • Click on "Workflows" in the navigation on the left side of the screen.

Note: If you don't see the "Workflows" button in the navigation bar, please log out and then log back in. You can also access the web form via "Forms" --> "Assign Client to Group" and then proceed as described below. 

  1. Workflow: Assign Client to Group
  • Select the "Assign Client to Group" workflow here.
  • Confirm via "Ok" that you have already installed the software on the client. This is a necessary requirement for the further steps. Otherwise, the client will not be registered properly.

  1. Selection to group (Select Group)
  • User Name: This field will be filled automatically.
  • Group Name: The group name is filled in automatically. If you are assigned to more than one organizational unit, please select the appropriate context here for which you want to back up the system. The context is synonymous with the group. Please take the context ID (cid) from the transmitted personal information (see Redirecting to RWTH Single Sign-On).
  • Client FQDN: The client name is a necessary requirement for the final steps. Enter a unique name of the system to be secured here.

  1. Confirm the client registration via "Next".
  2. The client registration is now complete. The client should now be visible in the Admin Console. If the newly registered client is not displayed in the Admin Console, we recommend that you log in again in the Command Center (


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