You are located in service: Backup & Restore




Follow the step-by-step instructions to install the Commvault backup software:


  1. Login to the Commvault Command Center at: with <>

  1. Redirecting to RWTH Single Sign-On


  • Before entering the RWTH identifier (ab123456) and password, please check here that the transmitted personal data should be displayed.
  • If necessary, you can read your context ID (cid) from the line "Roles and groups" here. This information is equivalent to your group name in Commvault.

  1.     Commvault Download Area:

    In the Command Center download area, you can find the installation packages currently available to you.

    To do this, click on "Webconsole" in the side menu and then on "Download Center".

  1. Select Package

Select the appropriate package for your operating system. 


  1. Implementation

 Unzip the folder "Commvault Set up Windows"


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