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It is currently not possible to create a new hypervisor for users in Commvault at 

In the workaround below, we explain how you can circumvent this bug by manually adjusting the URL.


Note: VMWare ESXi backups also fall under VMWare vCenter.


  1. At the Command Center at, click the "Add hypervisor" button in the upper right corner.

Workaround - Hypervisor in Commvault

  1. This will take you to the following selection page:

Workaround - Hypervisor in Commvault

  1. When you make a selection and confirm with "Next", you will be redirected to:
  2. If you change the URL to (remove "?returnTo=hypervisors" at the end of the URL) and open the link,

    you will no longer be redirected to the file server list, but to the page

Workaround - Hypervisor in Commvault

Now you should be able to add a new hypervisor.



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last changed on 01/08/2024

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