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The FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) allows unique identification and mapping to associated IPv4 or IPv6 addresses via a Domain Name Server (DNS).

When installing the Commvault software, it is important to choose a short name that corresponds to the FQDN. (Also during client registration).

In some cases a short name (display-name) already exists and is automatically chosen during the "silent-install", but only includes the first part of the FQDN. This can then lead to an error message (e.g.: "myserver" in "").

    1. to fix this error message, you must first uninstall the Commvault software.
    2. then install the software manually again. 
    3. now choose another short name, which cannot occur more than once.  
    (e.g.: for the short name the FQDN "


When installing Commvault on Linux, see our notes on FQDN .


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last changed on 01/08/2024

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