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Cloud Apps

Cloud Apps


Listed here are several cloud applications supported by Commvault. Follow the links to learn more about backing up and restoring these apps.

Want to back up a different cloud app using Commvault? If you follow the Cloud Apps link, you can see (on the left side of the directory) which applications are supported by Commvault .


Amazon Web Services

Informations about backing up and restoring Amazon Web Services


What data can be backed up, and what data cannot? What data can be restored? Find answers to these questions here: GitHub

First steps when using GitHub with Commvault: Getting Started

Here you will find guided instructions on how to configure GitHub and add a repository group in context with Commvault : Configuration

Information on how to perform a backup for Active Directory

Information on how to perform a restore for Active Directory (on the left side of the directory the different possibilities of a restore are listed)


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