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Registering & Login M365 for students

Registering & Login M365 for students


Students need the status Student RWTH in Selfservice to be able to register for M365.



In order to use M365, students must first register and agree to the terms of use.

  • Registration via agreement of the terms of use in the RWTH Single Sign-On Account
    • "Something"  means that what you type before the "@" is irrelevant.
  • Click on the pencil beside the RWTH Single Sign-On account

RWTH Single Sign-On Account

  • Check both boxes if you agree (at the bottom of the page; scroll down if necessary).

  • You must now wait 24h until you can log in


You will be redirected to the RWTH Single Sign-On and can log in as usual (e.g.: as with RWTHonline).


Some clients require you to log in using the unique e-mail address of your M365 account instead of the generic address!

last changed on 08/15/2022

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