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Creating a Team

Creating a Team


Please give your team a descriptive name that contains your organisation initials, e.g. ITC - XXX.

An appropriate description can be useful as well.

A "team" is needed to create a meeting. Teams correspond to a group that contains a number of participants.

You do not need to create a separate team for every meeting. It is possible to create several channels (private channels as well) in one team that can be used for different discussion topics. The Microsoft documentation contains an overview of usage possibilities.

To create a team, open Teams at first:

When in the Teams application, click on the symbol "Join or create a team" on the left.

Choose an appropriate type for your team and follow the assistant.


The Data protection option "Private" is to be chosen for the team. If the option "Public" is chosen, anyone from the organisation can freely join the team .

Anyone from the organisation means in this context anyone within the Office-365-RWTH-tenant, speaking every employee of the RWTH. Therefore, there are different tenants for students and employees that are not linked to one another. In order to work across the tenants (between students and M365-tenants), the respective accounts must be invited as guests in the other tenant.

To do so, please follow the next steps:
1. tell the external partner your own account name. To find out, you need to log in to with the M365/ Students access data (access data for MS Teams Account)
- Click on the profile icon at the top right
- the account name in the M365 Tenant is e.g. so "".    
2. The external partner can then invite this account name. The invitation process can take a few minutes.    
3. In order for the team (or the other organization) to be displayed, the respective user must log in to Teams again.

Once created, the team can be chosen in the "Teams" field. The team participants can be managed anytime.

It is advisable to add at least two owners for the team administration. The settings can be found in the menu. The menu itself can be opened via three dots near the corresponding team name. Choose "Manage team" to access the team settings.

Here you can change a role of a participant to an owner and allow more participants to administrate the team.

last changed on 07/14/2022

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