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Microsoft 365



Microsoft 365 is a set of subscription services (including Microsoft Office) offered by Microsoft.

These are offered to RWTH - students and employees, each with different scope and licenses.

For further information on the contracts that govern the use of M365 and other Microsoft products at RWTH Aachen University, visit this page.

RWTH employees may use M365 exclusively for business purposes on their work devices. There can be local installations of M365 on up to 15 work devices (5 PCs/laptops/ 5 tablets/ 5 smartphones) per person.

Students may use a variety of Microsoft products and services for the purposes of their studies under the Microsoft 365 Education A3 Student Use Benefit License.


Accordingly, the M365 service is offered separately for the respective groups (students, employees) in different clients (tenants), which entails different registration and login procedures.

Persons who are both employees and students at RWTH Aachen University must use the different clients separately. For official purposes, using anything other than the login via the M365 employee tenant is not permitted.