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Subtitles in meetings

Subtitles in meetings


To make your meetings accessible, you can switch on the subtitle function so that what is said is automatically displayed in text form.

To do this, click on the speech bubble icon at the bottom left of the meeting window to show the subtitles.


By clicking on the small arrow, the host can set the language of the subtitles:


If you want to display more or fewer lines of text at once, you can change the size of the field for the subtitles. To do this, click on any point on the edge of the field and drag it to the desired size.

By clicking on the three dots (...) on the right-hand edge of the subtitle bar, you can set the font size of the subtitles or select whether you want to use a light or dark background for the subtitle window.

To restore the original size of the subtitle field, select "Back to default position and size" in the other options (...).

last changed on 05/15/2024

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