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General information


Webex is a cloud-based messenger and team collaboration app from Cisco Systems.

In future, Webex will replace Cisco Jabber as the softphone and chat tool throughout RWTH Aachen University. The simultaneous independent operation of both chat applications is possible. However, chat communication between Jabber and Webex is not technically possible. Only one of the two applications can be used as a softphone (PC, tablet, etc.). The softphone application that was started last is in operation. If you use Jabber and want to use Webex, Jabber will inform you that it is time to switch from Jabber to Webex.

You can find out how to activate, download and install Webex and how to log in afterwards under Activation and login Webex account.

The user of the app has a wide range of functions at his disposal. For example, the chat function or the possibility to hold meetings. In addition, it is possible to make calls via the softphone of the RWTH telephone system or via Webex Cloud Calling. In the case of softphone calling, the Webex client connects to the RWTH's PBX and you make the call using the business phone number. In contrast, cloud calling is a pure call using the webex-cloud and only allows calling via the Webex client. You can find detailed instructions of the client and all its features on the Webex user interface.