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Manager Assistent with TK-Portal

Manager Assistent with TK-Portal

What is a Manager Assistant Circuit?

With the manager assistant circuit, the manager has the option of activating a filter function which ensures that only certain persons (secretaries and selected phone numbers) can reach him. As long as this function is activated, all call numbers that are not entered in the filter function are automatically diverted to the selected call number.
Via the TK-Portal, the secretary and the manager can select at any time whether the function should be activated or deactivated. In addition, in the event of illness, call forwarding to other numbers can be changed; this is possible both on the telephone and in the TK-Portal.

How can I apply for the Manager Assistant Circuit ? 

Manager Assistant Circuit can be applied for informally by e-mail. The following information is required:

  • Affected persons: Chief and secretary
  • Telephone numbers concerned

Activate Manager Assistant function with TK-Portal

First call up the TK-Portal and navigate on the left-hand side to the point Manager Assistent.

To activate the Manager Assistant Function, click the slider in the filter status area. If the displayed area is red, all calls go directly to the boss. If the area is green, the calls are forwarded to the selected person.

You can use the sliders at Forward to to specify who should be forwarded to (green) and to which people should not be forwarded (red).

Overview of Manager Assistant Function in TK-Portal

Here you can see the status of your Manager Assitant switching(s).
The view is divided into 6 areas:

Filter status (1): Defines whether calls should be routed to the Manager or the assistant. Green means that the filter is not active and the Manager can be reached directly. Red means the filter is active and calls to the Manager are forwarded to the assistant.

Name (2): Name of the circuit.

Chief (3): Specifies the Manager for which this connection is active.

Forward to (4): This can be used to control the assistants in the secretariat to which the executive's calls are forwarded when the filter is active.
If there is only one participant in the secretary's office, this cannot be activated or deactivated.
If there is more than one assistant in the Secretariat column, the forwarding destination can be changed using the button in front of the name if the filter is active.

Secretariat (5): Shows the participants of the secretariat in the corresponding circuit.

Whitelist (6): The whitelist column shows which people/numbers can reach the manager directly despite being actively connected.
These values ​​can be changed centrally by the administration. For appropriate adjustments, please contact the IT-Servicedesk.

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