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Project and User Lifecycle

Project and User Lifecycle


User Lifecycle

Regulations for

Loss of university affiliation

If a GitLab user loses his / her student or employee status, he / she also loses the right to continue using GitLab. The user is blocked in GitLab and can no longer log in. 
Ideally, the user knows that he / she is losing their university membership some time in advance and in this case saves the data from GitLab at an early stage. 
If he / she does not do this, in this case the user has 8 weeks to report to the IT Service Desk and have the data backed up. After 8 weeks, all user data and the account will be deleted.


If a GitLab user has not been actively involved in GitLab for 12 months, the user will be contacted by email and informed about the upcoming deletion of the account. 
If the user remains inactive for 8 weeks, the account including all data will be deleted.
One-time registration without use
There are a few users who wanted to take a look at GitLab, without creating a project or leaving other data on file. 
If these users do not use GitLab for 8 weeks, the account will be deleted. We assume that the user is inactive and no further use will take place, hence why the account will be deleted immediately.

Regulations for


Projekt Lifecycle

Regulations for and


If a project has not been used 24 months long, all project owners are informed via e-mail that the project in question has been marked as inactive by the project lifecycle. During the next 25 weeks, project owners have the following options to reavtivate their project: 

  • Archiving of finished projects (read-only access).
  • New project activities such as commits, issues, comments, milestones, wikis, changes in a participant list, etc.
  • Application for a 12-month project extention sent via e-mail to

Project owners receive a reminder in week 12 and 24, if none of the mentioned options has been performed after a project has been marked as inactive.

If a project has not been archived, no new activity has been carried out or no application for extention has been submitted during the week 25, the project will be deleted.

After the project has been deleted, project owners can export it via a download link during the next 4 weeks

last changed on 03/27/2023

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