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Archive a project

Archive a project



GitLab projects that are no longer actively used but need to be available for read access can be archived.

Only project owners and administrators have permission to archive a project. Once a project is archived, the repository, packages, issues, merge requests, and all other functions are read-only.

Archived projects are hidden in the project lists. To show them, this option must be explicitly enabled:

Anzeigen archivierter Projekte



To archive a project, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Open the settings in the project settings under General.
    Schritt 1: open menu
  2. Now under Advanced select the setting "Expand".
    Schritt 2: expand advanced settings
  3. Here you will find the item "Archive project". There you can archive the project. You will be asked whether you really want to archive the project.Schritt 3: archive Project
  4. After that the project is archived. In the project view and in the personal view you will now find indications that the project is archived:
    Schritt 4: Project is shown as archived

Schritt4: Project is shown as archived 2





To unarchive a project, proceed in the same way as for archiving.

Only under point 3 "Unarchive Project" is selected.

unarchivieren project


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