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Personal Access Token

Personal Access Token


Creating a Personal Access Token

For some tasks in GitLab a so called Personal Access Token is needed. You can create them as follows:

  • Call up the page or respectively.
    Personal Access Token 1
  • In the "Name" field, enter a name (for example: My API Token, Test Token...).
  • (Optional) Set an expiration date (Expires at). From this point on, the token no longer works.
  • Select one or more scopes. For API access the Scope api is sufficient. Each scope is accompanied by a short description of what the scope is used for.
  • Click on "Create personal access token".
  • The token is now displayed to you
  • Important: Secure the token! As soon as you leave the page or close the browser, you cannot display the token again.

Revoke/delete Personal tokens

If you want to revoke or delete a token, proceed as follows:

last changed on 05/28/2024

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